Friday, October 30

New Leaf Natural Grocery

Here is the link to NewLeaf grocery that I mentioned in class. They have produce boxes (which can be customized to include just fruits, just veggies or for raw foodies!) and they start at $15 a box. They also have a newsletter to let people whats in season, info from growers, etc.

Newleaf Natural Grocery is dedicated to providing an affordable alternative to overpriced organic produce by offering weekly organic produce boxes at the lowest cost available.

In each produce box, you can expect a wide variety of the freshest produce. From new lady peaches, to sunburst squash, to savory spinach, our boxes are bursting with flavor and affordability. They start at just $15 pickup and home delivery!

We are strong advocates of local family owned farms, and strive to fill our produce boxes and our shelves with as many local goods as possible - a practice which strengthens the sustainability of our community.

Because we're independently owned and operated, we're free to promote and support the organic movement by keeping our community and customers informed and involved through petitions, newsletters, and lively conversation. And we enjoy the same! Our customers keep us updated daily on new issues and events.

The contents of our boxes change weekly, but to give you an idea of the quantity, listed below is a sample $25.50 box.

5 Kiwi
4 Bananas
4 Minneola Tangelos
3 Small Mangoes
4 Medium Fuji Apples
1 Romaine Lettuce
2.5 lbs Gold Beets
1 Cucumber
4 Medium Red Onions
1 Bunch Swiss Chard
1 lb Carrots
2.5 lbs Yukon Gold Potatoes

New Leaf Grocery
cheers, christina

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