Monday, August 30

Corporate Sponsoring of Urban Gardens - "Krafty" or Caring?

An interesting note on the Seeding Chicago site about Kraft Foods campaign / marketing strategy to support urban and local gardening. Apparently seed packets are going into millions of Triscuit boxes (the official sponsor) as they attempt to spread the word.

Passing corporate shlock or honest instance of enlightened food-for-thought?


(squint your eyes and these two images may seamlessly blur together...)

Hull House Farmer's Market!

As summer turns to fall, still plenty of time to get to your local farmer's market:

June 29th- October 26, 11:30-4:30 pm
UIC Parking Lot across from the Hull-House Museum (corner of Halsted and Polk streets between Polk and Taylor)

For more detail, see HERE.

Check out this video on the Hull-House farm project: Seeding Chicago - Summer at the Hull House Farm