Sunday, October 18

Choices choices choices

I've been an alternative milk drinker since I was six or seven years old. Too many times I have had the unfortunate experience of getting my latte and taking a slurp, only to discover that the barista had used whatever kind of cow-milk is on trend these days instead of soy. It just tastes too weird to me now. I would have to describe it as kind of...uh, fatty/watery and metallic tasting?? I've definitely adjusted to alternative milks, so much so, I don't think I could eat a bowl of cereal with cow-milk if you paid me to.
Seattle is an alternative/vegan/allergy food aware area, so I've kind of grown up with alternative milk choices. In addition to cow-milk, many coffee shops there have soy, almond, and rice or hemp milk. (Hint*Best latte ever is equal parts soy and rice or almond).
A lot of people have asked me if I'm worried about not getting enough calcium in my diet because I don't eat dairy. It makes me laugh because I wonder if they are aware that milk isn't the only place to get calcium. There are many many foods (spinach for one) that have as much calcium as milk.
Anyways, I stumbled on an article on the Los Angeles Times website about Milk-cow, soy, hemp, and others. It breaks down some of the nutritional info of various kinds of milk. They spoke with Alexandra Kazaks, professor of nutrition at Bastyr University ( a really amazing natural health center and school).

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