Monday, May 10

Will we get an electric car?

I probably wouldn't have posted this a while back as it seems to have little to do with the good stuff: FOOD.

But after a whole semester I know how related vehicles and food are:

This is a pretty great documentary. There is lots in here I didn't know. If you watch it, I'd love to hear what you thought here.


Sunday, May 9

eat or not to eat turtles?

I came to a grocery store in Chinatown near where I live and I saw this store also selling live turtles with other seafoods and meat, ready to be butchered. Eating turtle seems very strange for me, while it is very common for Chinese culture in the name of having good sex drive and maintain good health. I wonder if selling turtles for food consumption is legal in US since turtle often seen as endangered species world wide.

I found the link that show how a guy butchered these turtles in one grocery store in Chicago Chinatown, I thought it kinda cruel :(


Friday, May 7

My roommate joined a volunteer work called Celebration Of Hope program through Willow Creek Church to pack seeds to help feed and fight hunger Zimbabwe families. I thought this program is interesting because instead sending the Zimbabwean families food, they send them seeds and volunteer trainers that can help them to grow their own foods to stabilize their community's hunger. The farmland of Zimbabwe once earned the country its nickname "The Breadbasket of Africa", then hyper-inflation of economy, struggling with AIDS and decline of commercial farm production has led Zimbabwe into poverty and hunger crisis.
Celebration of Hope program support Zimbabwe families to grow their own crops with sending these seeds. The harvest from one family garden can support six to eight people for a year, and surplus crops can be sold, providing income to meet basic needs. Check out the volunteer website if you interesting to join summer work they have:


Tuesday, May 4

Pig Business-The Impact of Factory Pig Farms

I just received an email from the Center for Food Safety regarding the devastating global impact of factory pig farms on our environment, human health, rural communities, and animal welfare.

"Pig Business, featuring Robert Kennedy, Jr., and UK eco-campaigner and director Tracy Worcester, reveals how U.S. concentrated agriculture feeding operations (CAFOs) are now moving to Eastern Europe—particularly to Poland—and demonstrates the link between clearing forests in the Amazon to grow soy for feed to pig farms."

Here is a link to the youtube video:

Also, here is a link to "The Meatrix":