Friday, April 16

Relaunching Lunch in Chicago Public Schools

A Chicago Tribune feature from this week discusses groups working in schools to improve student nutrition and education around food, a video here on an apple experience.

and pictures of CPS kids getting into cooking...

A couple weeks back the Chicago Tribune reported on local students speaking out about the food they are served at school:

One by one, they enumerated the "slop" they are served in school cafeterias and implored officials to change the contract guiding food services at the district. Specifically, they lamented the nachos, pizza and burgers offered almost daily.

"Access to nutrient-poor, calorie-rich food is the norm," said Brian Damacio, a sophomore at Social Justice High School. "If we're lucky, the cheese looks normal."

And a few local parents and activists are exploring CPS lunch first hand, including the blog Fed Up with Lunch: The School Lunch Project

Some particularly interesting ones of late include:
Day 60: Popcorn Chicken

French School Lunch


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