Monday, April 5

Food Regulation in the News - Toys in Food; Street Vendors in Minneapolis

In following up on our conversation from this last week about the government regulating food, a recent poll published a couple days ago seems to show Americans are not that interested, taking the view they know what is best:

For example Americans polled overwhelmingly (82%) rejected that the government should regulate the use of toys in kids meals as an anti-obesity measure. overall, 93% said the parents know what is best for a child's health, not the government.

I think the latter poll question itself poses a problematic and false dichotomy in the way it is asked - perhaps parents could/should know best, but is that to say that the government or its regualtions couldn't substantially help?

In other food law news....

A report from this week on how Minneapolis is could "spice up" its culinary options by relaxing street vendor laws, but just to what extent the city will really allow it is still up for debate...


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