Friday, April 2

Food Revolution (in America?)

I briefly mentioned British chef Jamie Oliver's campaign to change the quality and nutrition of school lunches in England - and now he's started his project here in the US - "Jamie's Food Revolution."

In fact at this site you can even watch the first two episodes of the show, which I highly recommend. It highlights the issues of nutritional guidelines, the American industrial food system, and food culture in amazing and disturbing ways.

Not everyone thinks the show will be a success, including fellow TV Brit Ricky Gervais:

"His heart's in the right place, but he's got no chance. No way. They know what's making them fat -- it's all the pies. They know, so that so if you go, 'Those pies are fattening,' they're not going, 'Oh really? I thought it was the jogging.' Fat people don't get fat behind their own backs. ... They know why they're fat and they like it."But the show is supposed to be the end-goal in itself, but a component a a bigger revolution, hence the online petition he is asking people to sign. A little vague in what it sems to be going for, but it will be interesting to see just how many sign on to the possibility of not only improving school food, but also advocating that cooking skills be re-integrated into school curricula.

Check it all out...


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