Wednesday, September 16

wait, so what's an antioxidant? how does that relate to us? OOH right. prevents oxidation cascades.

giving oxygen the electrons they want... doesnt sound so enlightening... but this link here sounds a bit more enlightening. (click here for article)

so after going over oxidation and antioxidants, a lot of the explanations didnt convince me of any merit, or of any value. our minds usually are retentive to what we use often, and i don't see myself holding a long conversation with my art school student peers about oxidation cascades.... or reading about how oxidation cascades are destructive to lipids while i have a beer with my buddies... "so guys, have you heard about those phospholipids getting screwed over by oxidation processes?"

I don't really feel like im benefiting from reading about super basic chemistry unless i want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes by unraveling the full extent and theories of organic and bio molecular behaviors. so what does this all mean and why am i reading this? "antioxidants" prevents a chain reaction of oxidation by "giving oxygen the electrons they want" as Harold McGee so eloquently puts it in his book On Food and Cooking, The Science and Lore of the Kitchen. well, reading sort of more vernacular and practical/applicable articles help.

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