Friday, September 11

Interactive Diagram of US Consumption (Including Food) NYTimes

This interactive graphic shows in detail (when you click an area of the diagram) how much we (Americans) spend on 84,000 products in about 200 categories. In food, this includes fast food, bananas even, what we drink & so on. the way the diagram works is that the larger the shapes are, the larger the spending/consuming.

You can click on the individual shapes to view more detailed information. I don't want to spoil anything, but i found it surprising that the largest part of consumption of food in the United States are fast food and full service restaurants. One of the smallest is the spending of fresh produce/vegetables. It goes to show that most of us may be working most of the time and don't have time to cook... and perhaps makes a majority of us eat unhealthy... making most of us go to the hospital for issues regarding obesity, heart problems, digestion or liver problems, etc, etc.


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