Friday, September 11

A New Way to Package & Market Watermelons

By growing these watermelons into cubes, it made the watermelons a lot easier to package, stack and ship to various parts in Japan. I imagine this cuts down on shipping costs by increasing the number of watermelons in one trip, conversely reducing the amount of trips needed. This also saves a lot space if needed to place in the refrigerator, gives a lot more convenience when cutting and perhaps eating. I don't know, just threw that in there.

However, this whole idea comes with the compromise of
a whopping eighty three dollars. In my opinion, no matter how
interesting and cool it might be to have a square watermelon in
your kitchen, i would rather eat the clumsy round ones for
significantly less, even if it used a bit more fossil fuels than
the square ones.

posted by Jasper Whang

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