Tuesday, September 15

More on Entomophagy

A while back I saw this photo essay by the BBC on people in Nigeria who took a bite out of seasonal locusts swarms.

Excerpts from the captions:

Swarms of migrating locusts seasonally strip the semi-arid region of its scanty vegetation and crops. But Gambo Ibrahim, 27, a locust hunter, says the people of Borno have found a way of converting the desert locust’s assault into an annual banquet. They eat the locusts which they call "desert shrimps". [Ibrahim:] “We make a powder of salted hot chilli which we call yaji. You eat the locust by dipping it in the yaji.”

Hard to say what I would do if I happened to be traveling through during an event like this. At the very least there would have to be something to wash it down, ideally strong drink.

-Will Capellaro

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