Monday, September 21

New Roomate

Dear exterminator,

Get that thing out of my house, now!

The other day I arrived home after a long day of work and school and went straight to my kitchen to prepare dinner. Upon grabbing the bread from the refrigerator to prepare a first class meal of toast and peanut butter, I was greeted by a dark gray mouse. He was hiding behind the toaster and ran across the window sill, behind the dishes, and underneath a towel lying on the far counter. To say the least, I freaked out!!!! Now I wasn't as bad as my mother who upon seeing a mouse in her house in the mid 90s stood on the top of the couch and screamed for what seemed like 3 hours. But it definitely got my heart racing. And instead of cornering the mouse and finishing this silliness once and for all, I backed my way out of the room to calm down (I was afraid to turn my back on a 1 inch mouse in case he attacked me like a million pitbulls fighting for their last meal). After catching my breath I realized this might potentially be my end. I was the only one in the house. I went back armed with my running shoes on and the longest broom I could find. I approached the dish towel in which the mouse had ran under five minutes previous and wIth one epic blow struck the towel and sent it floating to the floor, with no mouse. The mouse had somehow escaped to a new hiding place, and I had a strange feeling he was just waiting to attack. So I ran back into the other room to call everyone I knew. Being alone I needed consoling....

and the story continues

So how does this relate to ecology of food? George is a parasite or part of predation, living off of me and harming me, and I get no benefit. Well maybe my benefit is that I realize the utter fragility of life. So maybe its a mutualism. Either way its the latest story I posted in my own blog check it out, I sometimes write about food issues.


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tea&toast said...

well, ok so I thought about it, in actuality I believe its probably more of a full blown ecological web, I buy food, thus taking from cows and chickens, and cucumbers, and pigs, and lemons, and whipped cream(I think this is cows) and what ever else I buy, and then the scraps are then left around to the mice so really the mouse is benefiting from me because I have a house and I buy food. Oh but it gets tricky maybe its eating my downstairs neighbors food as well. Where does he play in, I dont know.