Saturday, February 6


For those of you who are not comfortable with blood or animals being killed, I would advise you not to watch the following.

Cleo Ngiam


Knit knit said...

that's good to know. i will think about that next time i eat chicken.

Savannah said...

Are you trying to suggest this is gruesome/inhumane?
I don't buy meat because I can't afford to eat meat that has been raised and slaughtered what I consider to be humanely, but this seems like a rather civil way to kill a bird.

Anonymous said...

i don't think this is inhumane...i just meant to provide information of if we choose to buy meat, we should choose that the animal should be made to die in a more civil way.


Savannah said...

Just curious, this video is just framed strangely.

Anonymous said...

yeah..i got that from myself too..haha.