Friday, February 19

"Got Milk?" (how exactly do we get it...?)

---Major new outlets are paying attention the the questions of food production like never beofre, and especially the conditions under which most of our food is produced on an industrial scale for the sake of lower cost. CBS News has been running a series, and now ABC News is getting into it as well with this exposé on the treatment of dairy cattle at a farm in upstate New York. (the video is somewhat graphic, so be warned)

The growing awareness of the conditions under which our food is produced and the concerns it raises for food safety, animal welfare, and workers rights (different focuses depending on the reporting) is remarkable, and gives all all a lot to think about more carefully.

The image included here is from the Kids Page of the Tongala Dairy Industry's website called "Golden Cow." (Tongala is in Australia). The image does a good job of illustrating the factory nature of much milk production.

The Kids Page incidentally also has a lot of coloring and word find activities if you want to take a break from making art!


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