Friday, September 17

Sugar Beet Beatdown

An interesting article this morning on NPR about "Round-Up Ready" GM beets.

September 16, 2010

From the post:

"A federal judge says sugar beet farmers can't plant genetically engineered varieties next year, and those farmers, who produce half of America's sugar, now are in a bind. Many of them say they cannot go back to the way they used to work because they don't own those tools anymore and there aren't enough conventional seeds to go around."

George Kimbrell, a senior staff attorney at the Center for Food Safety is trying to protect organic famers and their right to choose the crop of their choice. As crops flower they cross-pollinate, and an organic farmer's crop may become contaminated by a neighboring farmers GMO'd crops.

Read the (short but interesting) post here- Sugar Beet Beatdown on NPR.

Christina Sherman

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