Wednesday, November 4


JPG mag is back from the brink of death! (For those who haven't heard of JPG, it is a magazine-online and print- that was built by photographers for photographers, amateur and pro from the ground up. Anyone can submit photos and possibly become part of the mag). Every month they post the chosen themes for the next issue and you, the audience, get to submit your work and the best photos make it into the magazine!

This month they have posted Sustainability as one of the themes.
From the site:
For this photo challenge we want to see what strides people are making toward becoming sustainable. Whether it's a big change in your community or a small tweak to your daily routine, photograph something that has the goal of sustainability.

This challenge will close on Thursday, November 12th.

How rad is this? I think its brilliant. Go check out the site and see what other people have submitted as their ideas of Sustainability.
**Check out this image of a Wave Power Generator. (Andy can you explain how this thing works?)


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