Monday, November 16

Another Scary Monsanto Video!

Ok this was a suggested video when I was watching the Indian Suicide Farmers videos.
This is really scary! Watch it! This is another anti-Monsanto video with good reason.
The more learn about Monsanto the more I don't want to eat anything.

Watch this:  Monsanto/Fox/Milk 



a.s.yang said...

I watched this one as well. In a way, I blame FoxNews more than Monsanato for this.

In the end it is unclear what exactly Monsanto actually did (besides predictably try to protect their financial interests). It seems more the case the Fox leadership folded on the ethics of journalism, a lack of integrity and willingness to stand up to Monsanto's pressure.

This isn't to say that that Monsanto and BGH is not huge problem, but as for the ecology of information in this case, I see Fox as an equal culprit in suppressing the story that the journalists worked so hard to uncover.


bugs 4 eva said...

What Monsanto did was advocate a corrupt coverup of truth information that they knew would jeopardize the company's credibility. They lied to cover up the truth. They also manipulated FOX News with money and power (lawyers) in order to get their way.

FOX is wrong is succumbing to the evils of Monsanto but Monsanto is wrong is attempting to force an unfit product into the consumer market. In terms of rGBH, growth hormones would not be found in milk if the FDA and UDA were not wrought with previous Monsanto employees, or people under its corporate influence (people who have been bribed).

And yes, ecologically speaking, all parties are found guilty, enabling Monsanto to continue producing unfit, poorly tested products and bullying people into getting what is best for the company. This makes the source of the corruption nearly impossible to pinpoint.