Tuesday, November 9

Extreme Baby Carrots!

And on we continue with the topic of food advertising... I actually love this ad.  I also happen to love baby carrots, but that is besides the point.  As a clever and ironic take on commercials, highschoolers and the kulturkool alike should likely take a liking to the ad.

Her is another commercial from the series, and the campaign's official website.

Click here to listen to the NPR story!

ps: how are baby carrots made? I was wondering too! Here go you.

ps 2: Baby carrots myths de-bunked.


Anonymous said...

Here's a slightly more dated, yest equally as delightful pro-carrot video:


-Anna Gorman

Anonymous said...

Coming from a place where baby carrots are regular carrots picked while still only a handwidth big, I find the truth just as bizarre as the myth!

- Mira