Monday, October 11

Krispy Creme Burger


After our conversations about US MREs , foreign MREs and hermetically sealed foods of various kind (40 year-old pound cake or cheeseburger-a-can), another combo to now consider hailing from St. Louis: Krispy Kreme Burgers (video here).

I can't say I'd eat it, but I'm sure it is something special...
This is a 1000 kilocalorie doughnut, close to half of my ideal caloric intake.

Novelty foods are funny, but at the same time one wonders what they do but perpetuate themselves, including as brands - is it "Krispy Kreme" or is it "donut" that matters? Novelty is a good brand-management strategy - not just for Krispy Kreme, but also for the minor league baseball team that is trying to draw the crowds, according the the article.


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