Monday, October 25

the FDA versus Four Loko?

A drink with a viscous alcoholic and caffeinated double punch is being blamed for what investigators at first thought was a mass use of the "date-rape" drug "rufies" at a big off-campus party in Washington state.

The horrible symptoms however seem to be due to a easily obtainable drink called "Four Loko" being imbibed by the party-goers.

This article reports on the recent realization by officials of the cause of the poisoning as well as a call by lawmakers to have the FDA ban the drink nationwide. This revelation follows a report earlier this week of a college student had a heart attack after consuming Four Loko on another college campus.

In terms of the question of food safety (a big topic for this week) we see that the FDA deals with more than just pathogens!


ps. the Four Loko music video...

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