Saturday, March 20

What do Pepsi, the NFL and Truvia (another artificial sweetener disguised as a healthy alternative to sugar) all have in common?

The desire to maintain a positive image and make more money, of course.

Isn’t it ironic that the multi-million-dollar companies that are most part of the problem like to pretend that they’re part of the solution. This website outlines Pepsi's large social media based "goodwill campaign" from this past SuperBowl.

I also found it interesting that both Pepsi and Coca Cola are using the FDA approved Truvia , an artificial sweetener manufactured from Stevia, the naturally occurring and highly beneficial herb that coincidentally has not been able to receive FDA approval.

"Truvia(TM), AKA RebianaŽ is an abbreviation for Rebaudioside A, one of the many sweet-tasting compounds in Stevia. Rebaudioside A has the least bitter after-taste of all compounds in natural Stevia, that’s why the Coca Cola Company, faced with mounting consumer pressure to remove Aspartame from their products got it rushed to FDA approval."


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erin said...

Rebiana is not the same as Rebaudioside A (Reb A) as claimed. Reb A is one of the 11 glycoside compounds within the stevia leaf. It is produced by the action of sunlight on the leaves and evidently is 400 times sweeter than sugar. Rebiana, on the other hand, is not an ingredient in the stevia plant, nor is it found in nature. It is produced by the actin of chemials and stringent alcohols on various stevia glycosides. The FDA "No Questions" letter tates that Rebiana contains residue of ethanol and methanol. Rebiana is simply the trade name Cargill gave their chemically derived product (Truvia) in 2008. However, Truvia only contains 9/10 of 1% Rebiana and masking agent. The other 99.1% is erythritol, which is derived from sugar extracted from corn. 30% of their corn is GMOs. Somehow Cargill figured out how to market their erythritol product as a stevia product.

Personally, I use SweetLeaf Stevia. It's a rather pure stevia product with no calories, no carbs, a 0 GI and no chemicals!